July 4th, 2005, 02:35
i am absolutely new to this unix and freebsd.
all i know is how to spell them.

i am looking for a tutorial to begin with, about installation and configuration.
can someone help?
google did not give any good link except ..ahem..this forum!

July 4th, 2005, 02:46
Well, if you start with FreeBSD, which it looks like you are going to, you should first check out the FreeBSD Handbook (http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/index.html). Surprisingly, this handbook has just about everything you need to know in easy to understand tutorials. If you run across something you do not understand, or are have trouble with, let us know. Hope that helps, and welcome to Screaming Electron!

July 7th, 2005, 08:20
thanks for the reply.
i have that looooong web page.
it is more like a manual than a help like dummies books which is what i want.
now i want to know how to get rid off the freeBSD boot loader.
my system has problems and it is interferring.


July 7th, 2005, 14:59
You can always replace the bootloader with the GAG bootloader, replace it with the FreeBSD installer CD, or another OS CD. If you take a look in that handbook, it really is quite simple, and explains a lot if you start with each section's intro page.

July 7th, 2005, 22:10
yes, i will do that.
meanwhile trying to reinstall linux i lost everything.
so had to reformat both the hard disks.
somehow the bootloader escaped.
it was not fiding the OS according to the config that was earlier.
it still takes over booting and reaches a dead end.
if i go through boot from cd rom as the first choice and go through boot from hard disk in the next choice alll goes well.'
that is why i was asking about unloading it.

till i get all the OS installed again and also bsd ( i guess it should be the last ) ..... see ou later.

July 7th, 2005, 23:07
If you have trouble making the bootloader find the OS again, feel free to ask about so that you can boot all your OS partitions.

July 8th, 2005, 08:21
that is what i had in mind exactly.
meanwhile a friend suggested going to BIOS and choosing optimised defaults.
that solved the problem.
still i would like to know about how to make it work differently.
can i install it alone without installing freebsd?
or should i wait till i get around to installing freebsd after setting the otheres right?