July 27th, 2005, 14:36

Yesterday was commited a new TinyBSD version, 0.4. For those following
closely the project this version is more stable than the last versions.

This version has some new features, like pre configured images for
specific server types.

First, update your ports and reinstall the tinybsd:

# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/tinybsd
# make install

On /usr/local/share/tinybsd directory you'll see a new directory called
“conf”, inside this we've a lot of pre configured images, look:

# ls
bridge/ default/ firewall/ minimal/ vpn/ wireless/

bridge: Pre configured image for bridge servers.

default: Default tinybsd configuration with support for all ethernet
cards and wireless, including atheros.

firewall: For firewall servers with support to ipfw, pf, altq, dummynet,
authpf and others.

minimal: minimal tinybsd image built by tinybsd scripts, with minimal
support possible. This image has about 11MB.

vpn: Configuration with IPSec support for VPN servers.

wireless: Pre configured image for wireless servers with support to
wireless cards, ipfw, pf and authpf.

Inside any image directory we have 3 main configuration files:

# ls /usr/local/share/tinybsd/conf/default

TINYBSD etc/ tinybsd.basefiles

TINYBSD: Kernel configuration file.

tinybsd.basefiles: You should put here all base files you want on your

etc: It's a new feature where you can copy or create your own etc
configuration to be copied to your image.

You can edit any of these pre configured images and add your options or
make your own.

When you're done with the imagem configuration, run the tinybsd scripts
with the follow arguments:

# /usr/local/bin/tinybsd 62592 4 32 IMAGE

Where IMAGE is the name of the image chosen by you, example:

# /usr/local/bin/tinybsd 62592 4 32 wireless

With this in the end we've a image for wireless servers.

We invite you to access the project site, we have just released it. The
URL is <>

On the site we have put avaliable two images with 32MB for download, one
for FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE and other for FreeBSD 6.0-BETA1.

The two images have support to ipfw, pf, altq, carp, all ethernet cards,
wireless, atheros, snmp, etc.

The goal of releasing a FreeBSD 6.0 image is to give the possibility to
people know the new features on this new branch and mainly know the
features on wireless support.

We hope you like it and sugestions are welcome for us to improve the
project daily.


Jean Milanez Melo
FreeBSD Brasil LTDA.
Fone: (31) 3281-9633"