September 7th, 2005, 15:44
Yes, yes, I'm insane. I've got all three BSD's living on this machine, on top of windows and linux. Three physical HDDs in the box. Here's the problem: any disk I install FreeBSD on, OpenBSD sees a number of 4.2BSD partitions, and a number of "unused". The unused being DOS and ntfs. This was a problem, since the disk I had FreeBSD on also had my fat32 "share data" D: drive. I edited the disklabel, and was able to mount the fat32 partition, but upon trying to reboot into fbsd, it was gone. Remade the fbsd partitions with help of the install CD, and it booted but was unable to see anything but the root partition.

I punted, and deleted linux on drive 3 and installed fbsd 6 beta 3. And now I can't mount the DOS E: drive from OpenBSD, which is less of a problem so I'll live. But I'd really like to understand the issue, and perhaps learn how to mount a partition OpenBSD sees as "unused", if possible.

September 11th, 2005, 08:06
I really didn't understand very well because i'm not englishman :)

but I would recomment to save every disklabel after the intall.

1. fbsd - bsdlabel -r disk > /some/file
2. netbsd - disklabel -r disk > /some/file
3. the same for openbsd

and than use fdisk to discover real offset and size of any disk and change every disklabel by hand and to 'restore' it form that /some/file... but still keeping the original one, of course.