September 19th, 2005, 05:46
HI Gang,
Wayne K9DI es Leader Dog Patriot here. First of all please accept my appologies for using such big font, but being visually impaired this font is easiest for me to read so please bear with me.
I have been having a vexing problem with FreeBSD (currently 5.4, but 6.0 soon) on my Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop and the touchpad. When I installed fBSD on the lappy fBSD wouldn't , or couldn't, see the touchpad as a mouse. Is there a fix or workaround for this short of plugging in an external mouse?
I admit that while I do most of my computing in the CLI, it is nice to have a working mouse type substance to do cut & paste operations. Plus it'd be nice to use Xorg on the lappy while in class.
Any tips, tricks, or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely and Respectfully Yours,

Wayne M. Scace (ARS K9DI)

k9bsd (at) k9di (dot) org

September 19th, 2005, 13:53
Are you running moused in your rc.conf?

Moused fixes up the mouse for me in X every time plus it's nice to be able to cut and paste in console.