October 25th, 2005, 14:25
SE will be moving locations, and upgrading over the next few days. We'll be down from Thursday October 27th through Sunday October 30th.

During this time we'll be moving to a new rack in our colocation facility, upgrading the web and database servers, and putting on bright and shiny new vBulletin code.

Sorry for the length of the outage everyone but it is going to take a some time to get all of this done. Thanks for understanding!

October 25th, 2005, 19:47
<fx volume=11> NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo .... !! </fx>

OK, I'll be alright. Really.

Good luck with the moveupgrade elmore! :-)

October 27th, 2005, 00:32
Just a reminder, we'll be going offline today and will return next week!