November 16th, 2005, 11:29
All I can say is 3.8 rocks!

I have an old laptop which unfortunately has an intermittently faulty sound card.

Under Windows, unless I disable the device completely in the Control Panel, it causes continual freezes which can only be remedied via power of. Sometimes I couldn't even get past the login screen.

Under OpenBSD 3.7 the issue wasn't quite as bad. However, if I ran mplayer without option "-nosound" or for that matter ran any program with sound, the system would freeze. Again power off required. OpenBSD always recovered from this though.

Now I have installed OpenBSD 3.8. The great thing is that now if I run mplayer and forget "-nosound" all that happens is the term running mplayer freezes. The OS is fine, so I can just kill the terminal and continue working. This is great as sometimes the sound card will work so I can now easily try with and without sound without fearing OS crash. I can only assume that something has changed in 3.8 which has resulted in tighter control of programs and an even more stable system. I love OpenBSD! :icon_smil