April 1st, 2006, 13:15

"The first stable version of DesktopBSD was released this week. DesktopBSD is a free, Unix-like operating system based on FreeBSD 5 and the FreeSBIE liveCD. It supports i386 and x86_64 architectures.

DesktopBSD aims to provide a desktop OS that is easy to use but still has all the functionality and power of BSD itself, the project team said.

"DesktopBSD isn't a 'fork' -- it's a customized FreeBSD installation that mainly consists of the DesktopBSD tools and a collection of configuration files and software for desktop use," developer Peter Hofer said in a FAQ on the DesktopBSD website.

"You can install the DesktopBSD tools on 'normal' FreeBSD systems too, but you probably have to modify a few configuration files to make them work perfectly. DesktopBSD will be always based on a recent FreeBSD STABLE release or a well-tested snapshot," Hofer added."