April 20th, 2006, 21:13
:evil: I'm trying to set up a laptop with PCBSD 1.0 on it. Everything goes pretty smoothly except trying to install from the ports dir. The port in question is GKrellm2. When I do a "make install clean" I get an error saying that an older version of expat-1.95 is already installed and stops. GKrellm needs expat2 to run properly. Removing expat-1.95 would be a hassle because of the dependices attached to it.

It does give an option to force an over write of the old version, but it's not to clear to me on how to do it. The message as follows:

An older version of textproc/expat2 is already installed (expat-1.95.8_3)
You may wish to ``make deinstall'' and install this port again
by ``make reinstall'' to upgrade it properly.
If you really wish to overwrite the old port of textproc/expat2
without deleting it first, set the variable "FORCE_PKG_REGISTER"
in your environment or the "make install" command line.
*** Error code 1

Is this a wise thing to do considering other programs are using expat-1?
If it won't cause any serious problems, how do I use the "FORCE_PKG_REGISTER" to overwite the old version?

Also, if it's OK to do this would it be prudent to do this in single-user mode?

Thanks in advance for the help,

Dragon12 :Eyecrazy:

April 21st, 2006, 20:12
#setenv FORCE_PKG_REGISTER && make install clean

From what I read on http://expat.sourceforge.net expat2 retains backward compatiblity so you should be ok doing this. I don't have a box to test on so I don't have any practical experience with this particular upgrade, proceed with prudent caution - back up anything you can't afford to lose before starting.

Doing this in single-user mode won't gain you anything.

April 21st, 2006, 20:25

Thanks Optyk!
I'll give it a try when I have a sec.


April 22nd, 2006, 20:10
You can also just say ...

# make FORCE_PKG_REGISTER=1 install clean

April 23rd, 2006, 13:05
I tried both to "upgrade" things in the ports and worked like a charm.
Thanks for the help!