February 20th, 2003, 14:52
Ive been messing with NetBSD at work recently and am liking a lot of it. Ill try to get a review of it up soon after a little more playing around.


February 20th, 2003, 15:56
Nice. Installing it on a toaster? :twisted:


February 20th, 2003, 16:49
At first I thought you were talking about this one I was looking at yesterday. It's built into a classic 1960 toaster. I like the one you posted too. Browse the mini.itx site. They have a lot of cool projects there. I always liked the R/C car body ones.

I really like NetBSD the more I play with it. It really is an underappreciated OS. I have a couple VMWare sessions of NetBSD at work and I want to try it out on my PowerMac 8600 at home. I just got my O2 so maybe it will wait just a bit longer. :D

February 21st, 2003, 09:35
well i've played w/ fbsd i've got my feet wet in obsd.. i think the time is comming to try out netbsd here soon

February 21st, 2003, 16:54
thoughts on netbsd....

FAST install, I like everything but their partitioning program. Also, had troubles with the floppies install. Having fbsd partitions on the drive caused the setup to crash out out trying to create new partitions. The cd boot setup worked fine though.

Ports (pkgsrc):
Good collection of pkgs to install, more than open, less than Free of course. Had a handy upgrade script you use to get up to date.

Its using the SysV layout now, which i do not like. Most stuff is clumped in /etc/rc.d/

Also, the pkgs all install into /usr/pkg/ instead of /usr/local or other common locations.

Dont know if the apache2 port is broken or not, compiled and installed fine, but running /usr/pkg/sbin/apachectl start does not load the httpd daemon correctly. Httpd.conf is right, so have no idea why it doesnt start.

Linux Emulation:
Very nice here, uses SuSE 7.3 base and libraries, which is a LOT more up to date compared to openbsd's redhat 6.2 base.

Has very good online documentation, much like openbsd's FAQ.

And yes, it does run on my toaster


April 24th, 2003, 18:58
Here is a interesting thread I found on another forum recently. (SE was down, I had to post somewhere...i was starting to have withdrawals :evil: )

Here it is:

Even though I am still learning *BSD and definetly want to learn more of it and use more of it, I have always been intrigued by NetBSD.