July 11th, 2009, 00:46
Anyone have any ideas to make the site better, and what you would like to see on it? I consolidated some forums, and added one more "How-To Requests". Frankly, we had way too many forums, making the forums look like a page in the phone book.

We have new members constantly, but it looks like only a few are actually people. We seem to get a lot of Windows questions, and not much traffic from the BSD community. I would think the MAC tuts would get us some more traffic, and don't get me wrong, it did. Unfortunately, I do believe a lot of people looking for that, are pretty much knowledgeable enough, to where they don't need to ask questions anymore.

Pretty much, I would like to see us being the forums people go to, to get the quickest support for BSD, and know they will get the best answers opposed to other forums.

I noticed another forum making a BSD certification, and I'm looking into do the same thing, minus the requirement they added, being to have x amount of posts on a certain forum.

Anyways, those are my current thought. I was planning to finish the Mandatory Access Control How-To's, but someone decided to plagiarize these articles. Instead, I'm writing two books. One on learning Linux from beginner to advanced, and the same for FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD. The remaining MAC tuts will be in the BSD book, and not posted on a forum, so the person stealing these can practice his Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V keystrokes.