August 12th, 2002, 01:18
For people interested in obsd honeypots, this article was published not to long ago. Describes a fairly basic and simple setup.

For more info on this, id suggest:


August 12th, 2002, 03:18
Good stuff bsdjunkie. It's kind of ironic that you happened to post this today. I just picked up the book, "Know your Enemy" which is all dedicated to setting up a honeypot. Found it at a used book store for $5.00. Couldn't pass it up. Great links...looks like it could be a lot of fun and very knowledgeable!

Good stuff.

The Tar

August 12th, 2002, 12:44
That book was ok, but the entire 2nd half was logs of /<R4d h4x0rs chats on irc. got kinda old. His new book coming out looks more promising.

August 19th, 2002, 23:55
Project Honeynet released a new paper today on virtual honeynets.


August 20th, 2002, 00:02
I checked that out earlier today, pretty slick stuff.