March 21st, 2003, 12:57
Since i setup ipv6 i've been working on setting up my services to utalize that.. one of the items was my proxy squid. well the only patches to allow squid to support ipv6 is for the 1x release.. i was on 2.5 not good.. so after digging around the ports tree i found wwwoffle man i highly recommend you all try this puppy out.. there's got to be a million options to play with.. It also has a nice web based configuration if you like..

you get options like disabling animated gifs, flash, faking your user agent, ipv6 support monitoring and logging.. and just a imense amount of options.

March 21st, 2003, 13:12
Nice, I know |Mini0n| and KrUsTy! really dig transproxy as well. Perhaps when you have time you could write up a nice testimonial or a how-to. Not to push or prod. ;)