April 6th, 2003, 15:26
Hello everyone!

Ok, well it looks like my manager is going to let me put up a email server on our DMZ. This is very cool, and I am excited. However, I was unable to convince him to let me use *BSD. I thus will have to set it up with Linux Red Hat 8.0. I figure if I can get this up and running smoothly, maybe he will then let me put up *BSD as a small project..

Anyway, here is what I wanted to know/need to know..

I need to put up this email server as quickly and secure as possible. At this time, I am not going to make it very fancy, (amavis for example) but just enough to allow our users to send and receive email as well as setup a few email lists...

With that in mind, does anyone have some suggestions on where to begin? Or does anyone have a link or a how-to somewhere that will allow me to get up this email server as quickly and as painless as possible?

Lastly, recommendations on what to use? Sendmail? Postfix? Qmail?

All suggestions are welcome...
I look forward to hearing suggestions.



April 6th, 2003, 18:13
Setup postfix. I believe it is included with redhat 8.

Use my how-to the configuration of postfix should be the same regardless of the O.S.

Use a packet filter. I think linux uses IP Chains or something. I don;t know as I've never used linux and really don;t keep up with it but I know that minion has had some experience with firewalling a redhat 8 mail server and kk, schotty and several others that come here are linux junkies so I'm sure they can help.

April 6th, 2003, 21:33
Postfix comes with Redhat 8 indeed. Somewhere on the menu (System Utilities maybe?!?!?) there is an MTA Switcher App. It disables sendmail and enables postfix :roll:

April 7th, 2003, 10:07
Use a packet filter. I think linux uses IP Chains or something.

IPChains was linux kernel 2.2 and is optional with 2.4 kernels. They now use iptables for filtering. It isn't pf but it is decent if you are locked into linux. IPChains was pretty limited but iptables is better. Personally I'd have to smack something if I couldn't use pf but I would eventually get over it.

The option Minion was talking about is start-->System Settings-->Mail Transport Agent Switcher. Red Hat tries to make you install X to manage your server.