April 28th, 2003, 23:20
Well, after looking all over, and searching the ports, it doesn't seem that oo is in the ports. Any idea what is up? I updated my ports, and looked in the places it's suppose to be (editors). Something not in 4.8's tree yet?

April 28th, 2003, 23:29
Its in my ports which I just updated. I use FBSD 5.0, but its the same ports tree, so I don't know what happened to yours. Version 1.0.3, its in /usr/ports/editors/openoffice

Instead of compiling that sucker, try this site which keeps up to date packages for OpenOffice on FreeBSD.

The have the latest packages built for 4.X and 5.x. That way you can save yourself the very long compile.....

Download and just pkg_add....


April 28th, 2003, 23:44
Yeah, that was my last resort, and it looks like that's what it's going to take. That's really odd that it's not there. Not in editors, or in 'all' in sysinstall. Oh well. Time to compile. Thanx KrUsTy!

edit: I guess I checked /usr/ports/editors b4 the port listing upgrade. It's there now. Wierd. :?

April 29th, 2003, 00:09
not to mention the extra 4 gigs of space you'll need in usr to compile that puppy. Ever seen a box that didn;t have enough free space in usr to compile oo out of the ports? I have and it's very very ugly... :beamup:

April 29th, 2003, 09:23
what about doing a pkg_add -r openoffice or something like that....

also might want to try

cd /usr/ports ; make search key=openoffice