May 21st, 2003, 14:07
I just got doe installing Evolution through the ports. And it gave me that error.
Of course there are plenty of email clients to choose from so it's not the end of the world :!:
But if there is anyone that has managed to get evolution to work in freebsd or. Who has
had and managed to take care of this error message and would like to post an answer to this it would be appreciated.
When I open evolution it gives this error:
"Cannot initialize the Ximian Evolution shell: Configuration Database not found"

I am running in freebsd version 4.8 if that has any bearing on this.

May 21st, 2003, 15:26
I saw the same error a long time ago when I was fiddling with Evolution. I finally managed to get it to work but don't recall how. The following mailing list message rings a bell though:

May 22nd, 2003, 00:30
What is the $PATH?
And what is the $prefix/share/oaf
I really appreciate the info. I just need a

This means that, for some reason, the shell cannot be registered on
OAF. You should check that:

* oafd is in your $PATH.

* GNOME_Evolution_Shell.oafinfo and the other
GNOME_Evolution_*.oafinfo files are readable and installed in
$prefix/share/oaf, where $prefix is one of the prefixes listed in
$GNOME_PATH or $OAF_INFO_PATH. (These variables are supposed to
contain $PATH-like colon-separated lists of paths. If the
installation prefix for Evolution is different from that). Run
`oaf-slay' once before running `evolution' again if you change

* evolution, evolution-mail and the other evolution-* executables
are in your $PATH (but I guess this is already the case).

I hope this helps...