June 7th, 2003, 16:05
I'm untarring src.tar.gz right now so I can apply my patches (thanks elmore!) and I ran nice top to see how my firewall's running. I'm only using about 48 megs out of 256 megs of memory istalled and my processor is at roughly 94-95% idle. The processr is a VIA 933. Can I just powerdown and take out the 256mb and install 128mb w/out any problems? Seems like I'm wasting that 256....

June 7th, 2003, 16:14

June 7th, 2003, 16:19
should be no problems, im running a sparc IPX with 32 meg ram and 40mhz processor as a firewall on a home lan.

June 7th, 2003, 17:02
My home firewall is a 486 w/ 12mb ram, but i don't do any building on it. Usually i make sure i've at least 32mb ram for compiling the OS.

For you, 128 will still be overkill, but ram is so cheap that you can get 128 for almost the same price as 64.

June 7th, 2003, 17:17
I gotta agree with frisco junkie and minion here as well. My home firewall is a p 90 with 32 megs of ram, it does all of my firewalling and manages a pretty substantial vpn to all of my client sites.

I have a wireless bridge as well which manages ipsec tunnels to each wireless client in my house. That box is a p120 with 32 megs of ram.

June 9th, 2003, 13:06
My firewall is a p133 and untill just recently it had 16MB of RAM and it was doing a couple isakmpd IPsec VPNS. Never had any issues with it, but it did swap quite a bit....

So finally i thought I should check to see how much RAM was in it, becuase I had not really paid attention to that when setting it up. Discovered it only had 16 (I thought it had 64!) Now it has 32MB of Ram and the swapping is gone.

For doing packett filtering, NAT, and even some IPsec VPNs, the box doesn't need to be very powerfull at all.