June 18th, 2003, 17:01
Alright. Im off and running today.

I wanted to start a thread here about mail servers. I have multiple tasks that I am in the process of working on. I am grinding them out as quickly as I can.

I do have concerns on what thing. That is, a mail server that I am going to be putting up here in the next few weeks.

What I wanted to get here was some feedback on what type of mail servers people recommended. Sendmail? Qmail? etc.

Reason I ask is that I know that sendmail has a lot of problems. It also has a lot of options. My thinking at this moment is that management wants a sendmail server. Im not sure if thats a good thing, or a bad thing.

If anyone has some comments, suggestions, just flat out input on what type of mail server they recommend, please do so. I am all ears at this point. I'd like to make it a very efficient, stable and secure mail server as possible.

So please post your thoughts, experiences with whatever mail server you recommend.

Im eager to see what everyone suggests.


June 18th, 2003, 17:09
postfix + ldap + cyrus_sasl2 authentication over TLS + procmail + spamassasin + amavis-new + courier-imap

perhaps also doing postfix to store it's stuff in a mysql database would be pretty cool...