June 22nd, 2003, 00:04
Im back everyone!

I was curious if anyone knew of any place that I can use for Dynamic DNS that is free? It is for my home computer. I am connected via cable modem, thus I get a IP via DHCP.

What I'd like to do is access my home firewall and network from work so I can do additional "fun" stuff outside the network.

Anyone have suggestions or good links?



June 22nd, 2003, 01:04
I really like hammernode(http://hn.org). I switched to Zone Edit(http://www.zoneedit.com) when hammernode looked like it was going to have to go pay to keep afloat. They ended up being able to stay free and have been going great ever since. I liked it because you can map a domain to your myname.hn.org ddns account. I used to use it for dialup even and the updates were quick. Zone Edit does DNS for domains and I don't know if you have a domain yet. There's no reason not to get a domain when you can pick one up for $8.95/year from places like godaddy.com and others.