June 24th, 2003, 18:48
First, i'm killing this forum. I think i've started most of the topics. heheh :)

Anyway, lately at work, i've had some downtime as im waiting for a few things before I can roll out a few projects. (I cant wire our cabinet because the GBIC modules that we are using are not working correctly so we have to wait for new ones to arrive...couple days i'm told.)

So anyways, I was tyring to find some good tutorials, articles and stuff that I can try out stuff. It can be anything. Anything to help me learn and increase my skills and knowledge.

Anyone care to server up some links or other good stuff?

Rock on!


June 25th, 2003, 00:43
hmmmm, you could always write some. Perhaps submit them to SE. That'd be cool. That goes for other members as well, including myself. :)

Deadly has turned into a how-to center lately, some good writeups there.


June 25th, 2003, 02:33
Pressumably you've read the entirety of the FreeBSD Handbook as well as the whole OpenBSD FAQ and similar reads forthe other OS's you use?

Then i'd suggest reading through the startup scripts on the systems you use too. /etc/rc* and /etc/init.d/* are good reads which can teach you about shell scripting, plus helps when things go awry as you will have an idea of exactly what commands are getting run when.

Those won't necessarily lead you down the path to try something new, but is useful stuff to know.

I like reading SysAdmin Magazine (http://www.sysadminmag.com/) to learn about new tips/tricks. For example, their last magazine had an interesting article about portknocking (http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/portknocking).

Weren't you talking about learning C/C++ and Java? Now's the time to start!

Once i get some free time, i'd like to learn to type (i mean like real good, i do ok, but lack formality).

June 25th, 2003, 14:53
hmmmm, you could always write some. Perhaps submit them to SE. That'd be cool.

Actually, I am in the final stages of finishing up my LDAP tutorial. I was actually going to post two. :) One for LDAP in general and a second on how to setup LDAP in conjunctino with Samba for a PDC...I need to go through and check my spelling and make sure it makes sense first. :)

Anyway, I was trying to think of some projects I can do at work to keep me busy. Maybe play around with some database stuff, play with Linux and *BSD, (Speaking of, anyone have some "tasks" they would recommend with Free or OpenBSD)...basically, stuff to learn and have a good time. :)

Let them roll!!