July 14th, 2003, 20:01
Just got my copy in the mail tonite.. Ill tell ya what I think about it when im finished,.

July 14th, 2003, 20:22
my copy should be on it's way here.. i ordered it w/ the obsd 3.3 cd's

July 14th, 2003, 21:24
just picked mine up at the book store on Saturday. Seems like a good reference book so far. We'll compare after we both have a chance to read.

July 15th, 2003, 11:29
well, the first half of the book was definately geared towards the newbies. Anyone not very experienced with the install or system packages should definately read. It started picking up for me at chapter 10 when it got into the chflags, secure levels, and systrace stuff. So hopefully, the rest of the book will follow suit. =) On the Kernel chapter now...

July 15th, 2003, 16:01
The systrace stuff in the book is a good base for sure. It does however lack complete example policies. Something that I'd really like to see in future revisions. Given I know nothing about systrace. I do think Dug Song has some examples policies that might be worth looking at.

I think the pf examples in the appendix are also worth noting.

July 15th, 2003, 16:07
For systrace examples, you gotta goto hairy eyeball


July 15th, 2003, 16:47
OK, finished going through the book. Overall, I definately reccommend it to newbs and intermediate users of OBSD. Lots of good examples of all aspects of the system to follow in one easy to find place. As to more advanced users, I really did not find all that much information new to me, or things you couldnt find on the web if you knew where to look. Although I have been using obsd since about 2.5 and follow -current, so Ive been doing most of this for quite awhile.

July 15th, 2003, 16:51
I gotta agree with you Junkie although; I did have some gaps here and there that will get filled in, also this book will come in quite handy for corporate users who might need to look something up real quick. A good reference book to have if if you're a corporate admin and might find yourself in the position of needing to put your fingers on something immediately.

Punk Walrus
August 6th, 2003, 10:34
No book is everything to everybody. I must have had enough gaps to make this book definitely worth the money I prepaid for it. I was so glad to read this book, you have no idea. I guess every book will skip something, but for my money I found this book to be pretty concise, easy to read, and explained a lot I needed to know.

August 15th, 2003, 11:08
I just cracked the cover on my copy of Absolute OpenBSD. I thought it was very cool to see our good pal frisco given thanks in the acknowledgements section.

Way to go frisco :D :D :D I'm sure your contributions had a positive effect on this title!

September 5th, 2003, 12:33
I also picked this up with my 3.3 CD's a couple of weeks ago. I'm really pleased I read it. I've only been using OpenBSD for just over a year and not the most experienced sysadmin so it was very relevant to me. One day I'll move my firewall over from Linux to OpenBSD and i'll be able to take full advantage of the pf section but I learned quite a bit from it. I read Absolute BSD about 5 months ago and also thoroughly enjoyed it. I like his casual approach. I got the book a couple of days after getting my sparc and after reading it, trashed Solaris 9 and put OpenBSD 3.3 on it. At the moment it's just running as a DNS slave but I'm working on moving across a few other services like DHCP and possibly web.