July 23rd, 2003, 02:33
Recently several of us have gotten together and talked about putting up a vpn for the SE members. We have all decided to share out our home nets in order to learn other operating systems, see other hardware platforms, swap a file or two, play some UT and in general just have fun playing on a big VPN.

I'm happy to annouce that we now have a pretty robust infrastructure in place and it seems to be working quite nicely. Once things stable out a bit we'll be doing a nice little write-up to post in the how-to section.

Those interested in joining the VPN are welcome to speak to either myself, |MiNi0n|, or KrUsTy!. Since everyone is putting themselves at significant risk it will not be possible to accept everyone that wishes to join into the VPN. This is an unfortunate fact but one that is a must given the associated risks, if you inquire and do not get access please do not take it personally.

If you have interest, please PM one of the aforementioned people, and we'll speak to the other members of the VPN-Club and see what we can do.


1. A high speed connection of some kind must be present. This can be acable/DSL/ISDN/T-1 or whatever, basically no dialup access currently.

2. A firewall running OpenBSD (preferrably) or possibly FreeBSD running IPF, PF or IPFW.

Keep in mind again that it will not be possible to accommodate everyone. Every member must approve every potential member. This will make it much harder to join later on down the line but it is the only way everyone involved can feel comfortable.

This is a fun project and I have had a hard time pulling myself away from a computer since we started it. While I've participated in setting up VPN's in the past I've never helped design one in quite the manner as we have here. It's exciting and everyone should look at the How-to when it comes out.

This has been a collaborative effort and it couldn't have been done without all of the initial members, |MiNi0n|, KrUsTy!, eskwire, bsdjunkie, strog and soup4you2 have all played significant roles in the design, setup and initial testing. Thanks!