August 6th, 2003, 15:29
Linux Server Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools (
An O'Reilly book written by Rob Flickenger

Don't let the title fool you, it could just as easily be "Unix Server Hacks". There are maybe 10-15 hacks out of 100 that are linux specific (lsattr, ipchains, etc), but even so each has a corresponding BSD function (chflags, pf/ipf, etc).

This book presents 100 ways to increase your efficiency as a Unix user and admin. From quick shell examples, to useful commands and utilities, these are some invaluable tips to know. The tips answer lots of questions i've seen posed here and on maillists: how to forward X over ssh, methods for monitoring services, methods for securing servers, using cvs, various methods for backups, trickier aspects of networking/mysql/apache/bind and more. As you can see, the tips run the gamut of how unix servers can be used.

It is a book geared more for the junior sysadmin than the senior. If you've been a sysadmin for a while then you'll already know most of the tips, or at least would know them if you'd ever have needed to. But if you're just beginning to learn unix, or have a number of juniors under you, then this book will be a valuable asset.

The biggest shortcoming of the book is its size. At only 200 pages, it isn't geared to teach you why, only how, and doesn't go in depth on any of the tips. It does however give useful references for most tips. I think this book would best be read after something like Essential System Administration; it doesn't cover the basics, but puts the basics to use in ways that will help you work better.

August 6th, 2003, 21:51
Thanks Frisco. We just sent off for this book at work today, along with about 20 other books as well.

Just a quick glance at our list:

Absolute OpenBSD (im getting there...really working on convincing them)
Javascript: The Definitive Guide
Snort 2.0
PostgreSQL (like 3 of them)
Managing IMAP
Bunch of O'Reilly pocket references
Couple books on Lotus Notes...going to get it running here...

I'll make sure to give some feedback on the books as I go along.