August 29th, 2002, 12:00
Hello everyone. I'm back! :D

Was out of town for a couple of days so i've been unable to go about my usualy posting madness. :twisted:

Well, i'm having a blast with OpenBSD and im about to put up two additional computers on my network. Havent decided what im going to run on the second one, but the first one will be running a *BSD distro. Just havent decided which flavor yet. Suggestions?

Ok. Couple of questions here. I'm basically trying to improve upon my current knowledge of *BSD, Networking, etc. etc. What I was wanted to know is if somebody had suggestions for books or materials that are helpful in improving UNIX and networking knowledge.

I bought TCP/IP Illustrated vol. 1 last week and it's awesome. Love it.
However, I want to learn more.

Let me try and streamline this and explain what im trying to do:
Would very much like to affluent in UNIX; scripting, networking, email, DNS etc. One system i'm interested in is Solaris.

So where should I start? Should I start with a book to learn how to shell script or perl script? (I should mention i know nada about scripting)

Here are a few books that have been recommended to me:

Perl for System Administration, Oreilly
Linux and Unix Shell Programming
Perl Cookbook
Programming Perl
sed & awk
Learning the Korn Shell, Learning the BASH Shell
DND and Bind, 4th edition (just bought it)
The Korn Shell: Linux and Unix Shell Programming Manual, 3rd edition
UNIX Shell Programming, Revised Edition
UNIX System Administration

Pretty good list eh? Love my books. :)

Anyways, just wanted to try and increase my knowledge as I plan to further venture into the UNIX world. (Solaris sounds fun)

Thanks everyone.
Let the posting begin.


August 29th, 2002, 12:17
Solaris can be easily gotten to play with. You can pick up a cheap sparc off ebay, or get a copy of Solaris for intel boxes.

book reccomendations:

Tannenbaums Computer Networks (4th edition just came out)
Oreilly's Practical Unix and Internet Security 2nd edition
Oreilly's Building Firewalls, 2nd edition
The C Programming Language (K&R book)
The Practice of Programming by Kernighan and Pike
Anything by Stevens (tcp/ip series and network/unix programming)

August 30th, 2002, 13:59
I think the books I have got the most out of have been:
Programming Perl (the famous camel book)
Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier
C Programming (the k&r book)
TCP/IP Illustrated vol. 1
and then a myriad of websites involving php, mysql, and each os's own documentation on how to use it. Such as FreeBSD's handbook.