August 18th, 2003, 18:50
Ok seems to be no good documentation on installing this puppy on FreeBSD so after 2 days installing trying to get the patches installed and tweaking here is my guide.. Also be sure to goto this site to get the latest patch

first set a variable so the program knows where you installed it from..

export SETUP_CDROM='/cdrom'
export is used for bash shells if your using csh or something use setenv

or whatever you use.. if you dont do this it will keep asking you for the play disk durring the install..

Next go ahead and mount your UT2003 Disk 3

mount /cdrom

Now Run the Linux Installer

/compat/linux/bin/sh /cdrom/

Go ahead and start the install when it asks for a diffrent cd just unmount the cd-rom pop in the new disk and mount that puppy... One thing i noticed the installer has the CD-Names mislabeled.. Playdisk = Disk 1 Disk 2=Disk 2 and then it asks for Disk 2 again.. When this happens it means Disk-3. Next a term window will pop open asking for the cd-key.. Control-C outta this.. it wont work.. Thanks to crappy linux scripting. so do this

echo YOUR-UT2003-CD-KEY > /compat/linux/usr/games/ut2003/System/cdkey

but if your using the nvidia opengl drivers you probbibly need to set another enviroment setting of __GL_SINGLE_THREADED 1

Remember setenv is if your using the csh shell but i'm sure you arlready knew that since your running BSD after all

Or you will continue to get Seg Faults.. i like just making a little startup script that goes like this:


Pretty Simple Ehh? Remember little scripts make things easier because you dont have to remember this shit..

And now onto the patches.. Before i realized there were patches i edited on of the ini files in the game dir.. DONT DO THIS all the patches check sum values and if you change a file that value changes and the installer craps out.. instead if you want to tweak out your game edit the files in /home/username/.ut2003/System/

This will keep you from getting those nasty error messages while installing the patches.. but if you want to install the patches easily remember to use the compatability mode (ie. /compat/linux/bin/sh ./app_to_launch)

I installed both patches.. the first one was around 5mb in size and the 2nd around 2 so i thought it would be best to install both of them.. on the second patch i ran into a Elf error.. to fix that just issue this command

sysctl kern.fallback_elf_brand=3
echo "multi on" >> /usr/compat/linux/etc/host.conf

That should take care of that nasty error...

But wait were not done.. Seems the Performance was sucking for the Geforce3.. how could this be... so i did a little digging into the ini files..

go ahead and edit (this is only for nvidia people) ~/.ut2003/System/Defaults.ini

goto Engine.Engine and change the GameRenderDevice like this..


If your sound tends to lag a little also check this:

Edit the line " AudioDevice=ALAudio.ALAudioSubSystem "
To look like " AudioDevice=Audio.GenericAudioSubsystem "

Well good luck and if you have any problems please feel free to post them..