August 29th, 2002, 17:13

How To Boot From CD W/ No Human Interaction And Have A System Run Solely In RAM

includes a link to an iso image that will do the following:
boot from cd, install OS into RAM,eject cd, continue normal boot up (i.e. running /etc/rc), configure first found ethernet device via dhcp, runs standard apps plus httpd.
The image is 26mb, which means it can fit onto those nifty credit-card size cd's.

I've tried it out in VMware, on a Dell, and on my homebrew machine. It requires at least 128mbram and ability to boot from cd. It doesn't touch your HD.

If you're feeling adventurous and have a machine that meets those specs that you can pull out for a moment, please give the iso image a try (or follow instructions and make your own).

August 29th, 2002, 18:08
Very very nice frisco. I'll be checking out this iso as soon as time allows, I'd also like to check out making my own iso as well. Thanks for your effort. It is greatly appreciated.