July 31st, 2002, 15:45
Is it just me or are the ports sometimes broken in OpenBSD? I have had a living nightmare getting KDE or GNOME to install. I figure that it probably is me.

July 31st, 2002, 16:51
FreBSD ports are often broken. The ports included with 4.6 though are pretty good. There are a few that are broken but in general they are pretty good. Also you could try grabbing the ports out of the snapshots. Those are hit and miss though. Also I find that sometimes ports in FreeBSD give an an error message about fetching. This typically happens with konsole in KDE3.
To get around this I just usually install a port using another terminal emulator like eterm or aterm.

Are there any particular ports you are having trouble with?

You might try this

pkg_add -r PORTNAME

This will automatically go and fetch the latest precompiled binary of the port.


August 1st, 2002, 00:31
The package add command that elmore mentioned is golden....don't forget it!


August 1st, 2002, 14:50
Not realizing my error, I posted an OBSD question in the FBSD section. But nonetheless I will give your idea a shot, elmore. In particualr anything that has to do with KDE or GNOME has been painful. I had a FBSD box up less than a week before the drive died (along with half the PC) after a lightning surge nuked that circuit. Thankfully not a whole heck of alot was on that circuit....

I have a pair of OBSD boxes here at work. One workstation that I am playing with, and the gateway (well, you know about that one, elmore). I can honestly say that BSD has its distinct advantages over Linux at this point. Setting up a gateway in under an hour was nice. From a blank disk to a functional system.

Do you think I may be better off doing a FreeBSD install instead of Open? I just want to get rid of my XP workstation REALLY badly and this ports issue was kinda nagging me. I have done it with RedHat and Slackware, but linux is not new to me anymore. I want to expand my horizons at work. Learn. improve.

Anyhooo... Nice little site ya'll got here! You guys seem to know your shit pretty well. I know Linux, but not BSD nearly as well.

August 6th, 2002, 01:36
Here is what I live by in reguards to the ports systems:

If it's small: make install clean
if it's large: pkg_add

August 9th, 2002, 00:02
I would stick with OBSD for the gateway and firewall and use FBSD for a workstation. That has worked well for me.