September 5th, 2003, 19:03
Let me be the 1st to point out ...

As some of you might have noticed, pre-orders for OpenBSD 3.4 are up
and running.

This release will ship around November 1. CDs ship in the order that
people place their orders. As many of you have noticed, we normally
get the product back from the plant about a week before November 1 and
many buyers have held them in your hands before the actual release
date. So placing your order now helps :)

We do not yet have t-shirt or poster artwork finalized; Ty the graphic
artist is very busy the last few days, so hopefully within a few days
we will have something available.

For those who want to see what we have done, check

The artwork theme this time around is around Puffy Hood and his Funny
Fish, denizens of the Nothing Hack forest.... taking on evil forces of
unelected government.... anyways, you'll see in a while. I intend to
release the new song in about 3 weeks.

Thanks for your support.

September 5th, 2003, 19:12
Puffy Hood, I saw some prelim artwork yesterday. Can't wait to see the new shirts and posters!

Got the subscription so I should be getting my official copy just a few days after the release!

Can't wait. Has anyone looked at the change log? It is significant. It was posted on deadly yesterday! Go and have a looksy:

You see the preliminary artwork there as well.

Can't wait!

hugh nicks
September 5th, 2003, 19:14
i think i'm going to scrape around, and build a nice little box to run this on. yum yum!


September 5th, 2003, 20:09
RO support for NTFS! w00t! All I have to say is hellz, yeah :D

September 5th, 2003, 20:17
RO support for NTFS! w00t! All I have to say is hellz, yeah :D

hehe, all that stuff and you pick NTFS support.

Heh, not the a.out to elf switch for i386, not priv sep for syslogd and Xserver, not propolice implemented in the kernel, or the systrace for the ports collection, just to name a few of the huge new features.

you're funny!

September 5th, 2003, 21:16
I have like 2 gigs of Invader Zim on this partition :D But I'm definatly excited about a.out to ELF switch and more W^X/ProPolice work.... Now I just somehow gotta convert rm to avi which is of course... Impossible :?

I wonder, has it been done/would it be possible to modify the Header files (*.h) to add bounds checking to insecure functions (scanf, strcat, etc.)... I would think they would do it (It's only security for the people who don't modify them but I myself and I bet many others don't... This would also be a GREAT solution (to use safelibs) for M$ because they release binaries not source...

Wait a sec... ProPolice wasn't done by default at the OS level... Damn I gotta read up some :) Now why not just move buffers to the HEAP and remove so many RET adress overflows and remove some problems...

September 8th, 2003, 00:36
Once I had 3.2 installed, I kind of stopped learning OpenBSD. It's just so damned stable and it does everything I want to. Guess I should just order 3.4 and start grokking it. At least show some support, anyway. Now if I could just choose between a BMW 325i and a Lexus IS300....

September 8th, 2003, 00:55
I have a weird history with OBSD...

3.1 I tried installing it but I barely knew how to use UNIX so that was a failure (I had never even installed Linux, most of my shell expiernce was shell accounts or my dad's RH partition...), plus the fscking drive was dead...

3.2 I got it installed but never used ti because I was tweaking FreeBSD

3.3 It came out so I said let's upgrade, the OBSD partition was screwed up with me playing with the RC scripts too much so I just did a floppy install. I screwed around a little, and then had my HDD formatted so I'm without right now...

My goal is to actually start using it more full time...

September 8th, 2003, 01:52
I started with openbsd something like 2 years ago or when ever 2.8 was released. I had a bad expierence with redhad 6 and trying to make it run on a box I built out of picked trash. I stuck openbsd 2.8 on it spent a week or so figuring out how to configure it and that was the end of the leaning for me. Its been running and stable ever since, only went down once due to a bad stick of ram. I tryed to upgrade it to 3.1 but the cd I made wouldn't boot. I concidered it an omen that I should just let it be, its been good to me this far.


Former Member
September 8th, 2003, 03:43
Started Linux in January, attempted installing fbsd and obsd in april, finally got it installed, though i had to get online quickly so i reinstalled slack lol. Just came back to it :)I have 3.3 up, just sorting X out :evil: Im gonna be using it full time :)

And I've ordered 3.4 and Im pretty confident that in the near future, me and theo shall be engaged :D