September 10th, 2003, 00:16
My HDD layout currently looks like

First HDD:

1 Windows pointer boot partition, it's like 7 megs and boots Windows on the Second HDD


Second HDD:

1. NTFS 2k

What I'm wondering is since I'm trying to conserve primary partitions is it possible to install 2k as the Primary HDD, then move it back to Slave, and not have the pointer partition and still be able to boot it? It seems logical enough I just need to know for sure... I'm guessing it is but it's too much trouble to go through it and be wrong :)

hugh nicks
September 10th, 2003, 01:03
from what i remember on a box of mine, windows should check the pointer first, and if it doesn't see anything that corresponds, it will look elsewhere. i'm pretty sure i remember doing something like this a while ago, and it was ok. i don't have my test machines up, so i can't confirm. i think you're right though....