September 19th, 2002, 16:44
Many of you may already know these, but now they are in the ports for easy installing on FBSD. The current ports, so CVSup or load a new ports tree from FTP. As always with ports, just cd into the port and "make install clean".

Jazzing up your KDE workstation;


If you haven't used liquid with KDE yet, this is a KDE theme with transparent menus and cool liquid type buttons and scrolling bars. Makes KDE look quite modern, its sort of a MAC OS X feel. Now the ports makes installing it a snap. This is the most recent 0.9.5 version. Once installed open the kde control center and go to "Look and Feel". Notice the new "Mosfet-liquid" panel. To enable the theme goto the "Sytle" panel and then pick "High Perforamce Liquid". Cool huh? You can then use the "mosfet-liquid" pnael to tune it up.

Also a great icon theme called "crystal" is also in the FBSD ports for KDE;


This is a very modern icon theme and it goes well with the liquid theme above. Once built go to the Control center and "Look and Feel". Use the icon panel to change you icon theme to "Crystal".

Now KDE looks cool!

More cool stuff for KDE can be found at