September 16th, 2003, 20:34
Ok just a question here... say you setup a freebsd jail. you cant ping or do anything on the outside... so hows one supposed to setup a process like postfix where it checks to see if the domain exists?

well the overall goal if my project is i've make it so i can jail specific ssh users to their own jailed enviroment.. but certain users i would still like to be able to use irc or whatever they do.. plus it's nice having ssh users without actually needing a system account. the ssh jailing portion works great so far.. ie see below:

Sep 16 19:32:35 XXXXXXXXX sshd[86775]: Connection from XX.XX.XX.XX port 49526
Sep 16 19:32:36 XXXXXXXXX sshd[86775]: Jailing session. [user=USERNAME,chroot=/chroot/sshd/USERNAME]

but i want them to have outside access, any thoughts?

if you can help me over this stump perhaps i can have a nice howto for ya